Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Keeping it Real with Hypeed

I am a huge fan of real fashion (see this post) and a few weeks ago I stumbled across a new website/magazine which explores and defines everything I love about the concept of 'real fashion'.

Based in Paris, Hypeed is an online website and magazine whereby all the features are created and inspired by everyday people, taking snaps of themselves sporting the latest trends and of course, their own unique outfit creations. For example, a current feature is 'The Clutch Bag Trend' and readers can upload their pictures of themselves rocking their clutch bags which not only encourages a community style form of interaction but readers can also use the pictures as inspiration for their own looks.

The online community determines which contributions will be selected for the finished magazine feature (which also includes nice bite-sized editorial sections detailing the specific look or trend and some info on the selected contributions) via a scoring process. All contributions begin with an equal chance of being included in the final feature and Hypeed take into consideration both the quality of the images and the scoring to decide which contribution will be selected as the main cover and also how many contributions to include within the whole feature. This encourages people to take pride in their shots and looks and of course, be creative.

Hypeed never hires in professional models or photographers and relies solely on photo contributions to generate its content. Your points can also turn into rewards which is another little added incentive!

What Hypeed wholly embodies is the concept of real fashion by real people and there isn't a glimpse of a catwalk show in sight. Of course, designer fashion plays an incredibly valuable, vital and prominent role in the fashion industry and is what ultimately inspires and defines high street fashion, but it's also nice to see how the high street and unknown brands can be given some unique exposure.

Great style doesn't have to come with a whopping price tag, ya know!

Be sure to go and check out Hypeed (launched in Public Beta).

Image of Rainbows&Fairydust (whose fab blog you can visit here) courtesy of Hypeed

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