Monday, 23 August 2010

Current Make-up and Beauty Loves

Apologies for the serious lack of blog posts of late. Work has been pretty manic and well, you know the drill!

In other news, it was my birthday on Saturday and I was incredibly excited to receive an amazing gift in the form of a new camera. It's is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 so I'm really looking forward to finally getting some half decent shots on the blog!

I thought I would do a post about some of my favourite cosmetic products that I'm enjoying using at the moment. As we're moving into autumn, I'm shifting away from the golden bronzed look (well, I'm never really bronzed but I try and fake it at least) and am going for more autumnal inspired plum and berry toned colours. The first thing that has worked its way into my daily makeup routine is the NARS Multiple Tint in shade Cadaques. Despite it's shocking pink appearance, when swept over the cheeks, it gives a gorgeous fresh-faced and youthful glow and is also lovely when applied to the lips, creating a subtle stain effect. This gives you a translucent pop of colour that you can easily build up to create a more dramatic effect and is perfect to compliment my pale skin.

There was nothing more exciting as a little girl than when our Avon lady delivered all kinds of goodies to the door and my mum would have always ordered a few cute things for me such as bath products and nail polishes. Now we have this little thing called the internet, sadly I don't get the lady personally delivering my purchases to my door, but I still love the products. My current favourite lipstick in my collection (and I have a fair few!) is from the Ultra Colour Rich 24K range in shade Golden Rose which is a beautiful plummy pink, is incredibly moisturising and with a hint of sparkle. This lipstick is wonderfully versatile as you can build it up for a super dramatic finish or go a bit more neutral with just a slick of colour. This is one of the highest quality lipsticks I have ever used and at just £8 a pop (I think they are now on sale for £4) these are a brilliant investment.

Barry M has wooed me again and this time it is with the limited edition 030 nail polish which doesn't seem to have a name but can be described as a dark lilac with a strong hint of pink. In typical Barry M style, the product applies evenly and 2 coats leaves you with a perfect colour finish that will stay chip-free for a good few days. The 030 is priced at a regular £2.95 separately or is free when you spend £6 or more on any other Barry M products. I also love the gold lid as it makes the product look far more expensive! Maybe Barry M should incorporate this into all their nail polishes?

Finally, my new favourite scent of the season has to be Ghost the Fragrance. Yes, it's an oldie but it's definitely a goodie. I love the sweet floral and jasmine scent that isn't too overpowering and I think I'm particularly drawn to this because it reminds me of my childhood holidays when my mum probably wore it. I recently acquired this product again as a birthday gift and I am hooked. At around £23 for 30ml, it's also easier to justify a re-purchase!

So they are my favourite products of the season - so far. I do like to try and keep a good combination of budget products alongside some more luxurious and higher end ones to keep a reasonable balance!

What are your favourite products of the season?