Monday, 22 February 2010

A Passion for Real Fashion

What with London Fashion Week dominating all talk of fashion over the past few days, I have to admit when reading the reviews of the new collections and emerging designers, it can sometimes become a bit of a blur. Of course, I love designer fashion in its true sense but these past few months I’ve been increasingly drawn to the style blogs and websites that promote unique everyday street fashion and I somehow find this a lot more comforting, probably because it is style that you can easily try yourself and use the looks as inspiration in a way that is attainable. That probably sounds like a really obvious thing to say but I personally find the whole concept of runway fashion a little scary; not in the sense that I don’t think I can pull it off but because it seems like a world that I just don’t really – fit into (literally probably, and personally).

There has been a lot of talk about a small percentage of fashion bloggers ruining the reputation of those fashion bloggers who really know their stuff – from the terminology to the history of the designers and most importantly, how to review a collection intelligently and correctly.

So many fashion bloggers who have attended Fashion Week have tweeted about the experience, but much more so about the celebrities they’ve met and how hung over they are from the previous night’s party. It’s so boring.

Most of my favourite fashion blogs include The Blonde Salad, The Style Diet, What I Wore, Gala Darling and Style Scrapbook to name only a handful and yes, they are majorly popular but I think because they write about their own personal style in a way that isn’t intimidating but that we can all relate to. All of these bloggers can also write about the shows at Fashion Week as good as any Fashion Editor but what grips their audience is that they are real, unique, and girls we’d all like to be mates with! They convey the real relationship between (often affordable) clothes, style and fashion with positive body image and how that is unique to every individual.

Fashion is a business yes, but it should be fun. I find it so much more inspiring when it’s a bit more....well, real and not all about parties, champagne, and getting pictured with Jodie Harsh.

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