Wednesday, 27 January 2010

America's Next Top Model Online Challenge 2 - SMIZE!

This week saw the second episode of season 13 of America's Next Top Model and as informed in my previous post the show in collaboration with ASOS and LIVING is giving viewers the exciting opportunity to get involved and with weekly challenges all geared towards mastering the craft of becoming a top model.

So, for Week 2, this one is all about the 'Smize' or 'smiling with your eyes' - a favourite of Tyra's.

Here are Tyra’s top 5 tips for perfecting your SMIZE. I like No 3 :)

"1) Stand feet apart with your shoulders down – as if someone is pushing them down towards the ground.

2) Keep your head up – as if a string attached to the top of your head is pulled skywards.

3) Now put your hand on your tummy and think of something delicious! A hot chocolate sundae or maybe your boyfriend kissing your neck – whatever works for you.

4) Focus on that delicious thought as much as you can and make that thought shine through your eyes.

5) But remember don’t smile – the trick to this is all about using your face muscles and not your smile."

And shall I remind you what exactly is up for grabs? Well, each week one winner is chosen and will win £100 to spend at ASOS and there is also a grand prize at the end of season whereby one lucky person who has definitely shown that they have got the SMIZE thang nailed will star in their very own ANTM themed photo shoot styled by ASOS AND get an exclusive invite to the ASOS season preview and take home a tailored piece from the new season’s collection.

For more information, please go to

So get Smizing gals and don't forget to check out America's Next Top Model every Monday at 9pm on LIVING.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

America's Next Top Model - Unleash your Inner Model with Online Challenges!

Those of you who are fans of America’s Next Top Model (that will be everyone then!) will probably already know that Season 13 began with a bang last Monday. It's refreshing to see that this season is slightly different however as all the contestants are 5'7'' and under – in fact, you had to be 5’7” or under to apply, proving that the catwalk is perhaps opening up to the fact that beauty can also be found in shorter gals.

A fierce looking Tyra, once again leads the panel of judges alongside photographer Nigel Barker, modeling guru and stylist Jay Manuel and runway expert Miss J. This series the panel also welcome a weekly guest judge, notorious for being a fashionista, to help critique the aspiring next top models. (Ex-Hills star and designer Lauren Conrad is set to be the guest next week!!).

But the really exciting news is that everyone has the chance to get involved. To celebrate the new season, America's Next Top Model will be setting a series of challenges (one each week) to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a top model and style Queen.

Basically all you have to do is upload a photo or video in response to a new challenge set each week running from 11th January until 17th March. Expert judges from LIVING and ASOS (including Zeba Lowe – the head of styling for ASOS magazine) will then choose a winner each week who will get their mittens on £100 worth of ASOS vouchers. Winners will also be broadcast at the end of each episode of ANTM on LIVING.

There will be 9 challenges in total and one big fabulous fashionable grand prize for the person who has completely wowed the judges in true ANTM style. This person will star in their very own ANTM themed photo shoot styled by ASOS, get an exclusive invite to the ASOS season preview and bag a tailored piece from the new season’s collection.

The challenges are geared towards showing off an array of modeling and styling talents including striking the best pose, getting the best look with the use of an accessory and a makeover challenge. The site also provides helpful tips and hints to help you along your way.

So, as Tyra would say 'Look Fierce'!

For more information on how to enter, head over to

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Sweet Sound of Chanel

Wow! So imagine if you love playing the guitar (like me - though not very well) and you like Chanel (like me - though I unfortunately can't afford it) and the two were combined to create......a Chanel guitar? Yes, it is true *sigh* *swoon*.

Now apparently this little beaut was debuted at the Paris Spring 2009 Fashion Week, though I don't know how I've only just stumbled across its existence. The super schmexy black nylon string acoustic is priced at £2800 AND comes with a padded gig bag.

Mmmm, I think I've just found an incentive to practice more.....

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Product Rave - L'Oreal Hydrafresh

So I know Christmas isn't about presents, but isn't it great when you get some really good stuff?! I always know that return back to London, my (probably new!) bag brimming with new cosmetics and make-up that will see me through the first couple of months of the New Year. After giving all the goods a go over the past two weeks, one product has really stood out for me so far.

L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Hydrafresh. A moisturiser which is an 'ultra-hydrating gel-cream' - that's what it says on the tin and yes, that's what it does. Since using this over the past couple of weeks, me skin has looked and felt smoother with a fresh, dewy glow and much more hydrated (much needed after the New Year champs!).

The formulation is a combination between a gel and a cream and the scent is reminiscent of a combination of cucumber and watermelon - yum. The ingredients include vitamins (C, E and B5) and essential minerals (Magnesium and Calcium).

At around £7 a pop this is definitely a bargain buy and I've found that I'm not using as much as my regular Simple moisturiser. Definitely worth a try if you have normal/dry skin that needs a bit of extra hydration.


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I've never really been into 'New Year's Resolutions' in a big way but 2010 feels like a year which is definitely starting on a positive note and I feel a little more inspired and motivated to make this year amazing both personally and professionally.

So, here is the good stuff achieved in 2009-:

- I found an amazing relationship with a wonderful man who makes me insanely happy - I'm not usually one to shout out about things like this but hell, who cares, it's true.
- I had a style piece published in the London Metro
- I visited LA and San Francisco - in true goddamn style!
- I was able to go fully freelance as a writer. It still feels strange not knowing quite how much I'll be earning each month but the insecurity definitely drives you!

Lots of other great things happened too but those are certainly the highlights.

So, now for some goals for 2010 - I say goals instead of resolutions because that makes me think more long term and resolutions always tend to dwindle away by mid Feb.

- Continue being a freelance writer....
- Get back into music, singing and songwriting
- Read 1 book per week and keep a record of what I have read
- Do more dance classes - at least 2 per week. Much better than the gym.
- Try and look my best every day even when working at home (when you wfh pyjamas are a tempting option but it makes you kinda slack in the style department!)
- Start my own business
- Make more effort to understand Politics
- See more of London (amazing how I've lived here for 8 years and still don't feel I've gotten to know it properly)
- Visit New York with the boyf
- Start making YouTube vids - make-up, style, vlogs etc - just for fun. I'm a bit scared but I've been really inspired by some great YouTube gurus during 2009 and want to give it a go!

Well, today is actually January 3rd so I know I'm a little late but as tomorrow is the proper new year as its the first working day, I'll let myself off :)

Happy New Year everyone!