Friday, 5 March 2010

Jumping on the Barry M Bandwagon

It really does got to show the power beauty bloggers have. I have to admit, I'm a cosmetic marketer's dream when it comes to pretty packaging and such like, but when some of my fave beauty gurus recommend a product, I find I'm much more inclined to dash out and buy it than if it was suggested in a high profile magazine.

I digress. So, Barry M - I'm not a complete stranger to the brand but I have never exactly been bowled over by the make-up products - nail varnish, hell yes, but the lip glosses have always seemed a little OTT for my liking and my skin tone. However, I've continually noticed that people have been raving about the 129 Barry M lip paint 'Palest Lavender' which is a pretty lilac tone that I've never even considered trying having always been a little boring when it comes to experimenting with lip colour. I have to say I love this; the colour is great for spring (though will be better with a tan - wishful thinking Laura) and the formula is creamy and non-drying. At around £4.29 it has been a worthwhile addition to my collection and something a bit different.

Image courtesy of Barry M website

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