Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tried and Tested: FitFlops - Do they Live up to the Hype?

Shoes that tone your bum and thighs......I’m in! I am aware of course, that there are a number of footwear products on the market which claim to do this, and although I’m a sucker for anything that promises a quick fix at minimum effort, you do have to take a somewhat objective approach.

However, I’m always game to at least give things a go and was recently sent a pair of FitFlops to try out. If you haven’t come across these shoes before, the theory behind how FitFlops work is as follows-:

FitFlop footwear is biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk in them”.

According to the spiel, wearing a pair of FitFlops can increase the leg and calf muscle activity, improve muscle tone, improve posture and basically feel like you are walking bare foot but with more muscle load – which is why when walking in these, they feel super comfy, but your legs, buttocks and thighs are working harder.

After a few times of wearing the FitFlops, I have to admit that my legs definitely feel more ‘worked out’ and the shoes are indeed comfortable and don't tear my feet to shreds. I’m not the sort of person to take actual measurements to see if my legs have firmed up, but one thing I found very appealing was that they do force you to stand straighter and encourage you to 'walk properly'.

The other bonus is that FitFlops are available in a nice array of designs and trend inspired colours. I opted for a pair of the gold Walkstar 3’s and have received many compliments about the aesthetic appearance. They are not as flimsy or light weight as normal flip flops but because of the extra bulk, they also give you a nice lift and are super comfy with your feet feeling cushioned and well supported against the microfiber lining.

At around £44.99 for a pair, I wouldn’t say FitFlops are necessarily cheap, and don’t be fooled in thinking that they are a substitute for your normal workout - though they will certainly help to maximise it outside of the gym. The best advantage I have found is that I walk properly in them and definitely feel like my legs are working harder than normal. They are also durable and I'm positive will last longer than a pair of cheapo flip flops, so I think you’ll get your money’s worth.

You can check out the whole range of FitFlops here which also includes some styles for winter.

Have any of you tried FitFlops? Let me know what you think!


WeShop said...

Great review. Have never tried them but have always been intrigued. xx

Manohar singh Jodhpur said...
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