Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Woes of London Dating - The Dating Detox Trailer

There are so many Chick lits being churned out these days, and as an avid reader of the Chick lit genre (in addition to other genres too....of course), some are better than others for sure.

I recently read the debut novel ‘The Dating Detox’ by author Gemma Burgess and I have to admit that despite working with Gemma for a period of time, I did force myself to read the novel from a completely unbiased approach, else what would be the point, right? Anyway, needless to say that I wasn't forced to lie in my feedback for the sake of not hurting someone’s feelings and this is definitely one of the best Chick lits I have read in a long time – mostly due to the typically English humour and portrayal of the London dating scene, which is all too familiar (sigh).

However, Gemma has also gone that extra mile, putting even more of her creative talents to use by writing and filming a trailer to help promote the Dating Detox. It was released for public viewing yesterday and I have to say, that the casting is just so spot on in terms of how I visualised the characters to be. Some book trailers do tend to be a but this one is vibrant, funny and so easy to watch that you are left wanting more. Also, Gemma has a nice little cameo – see if you can spot her!

You can take a look at the Dating Detox trailer here-:

The Dating Detox Trailer from sam eastall on Vimeo.

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