Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Current Clothing Crush

Does anyone have those moments when you can be working, making lunch, or even reading and suddenly think 'OMG I need "insert clothing/accessory/shoe item of choice". I have been having one of those moments today and I will let you know now that the item I am craving is a long playsuit.

I am thinking that black would probably be the best colour in terms of wearability..wouldn't this one from asos look amazing with statement jewellery and killer heels or dressed down with gladiator flats and a statement belt? How the playsuit is styled in the picture is actually how I would it most as the asymmetric shoulder provides enough detail and visual interest without the need of dozens of accessories, and still looks ultra chic and effortlessly stylish.

This cuffed denim playsuit from New Look is also gorgeous and again, could easily be dressed up or down. Isn't it great when fashion is also comfortable??

What are your playsuit recommendations?

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