Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Product Rave - L'Oreal Hydrafresh

So I know Christmas isn't about presents, but isn't it great when you get some really good stuff?! I always know that return back to London, my (probably new!) bag brimming with new cosmetics and make-up that will see me through the first couple of months of the New Year. After giving all the goods a go over the past two weeks, one product has really stood out for me so far.

L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Hydrafresh. A moisturiser which is an 'ultra-hydrating gel-cream' - that's what it says on the tin and yes, that's what it does. Since using this over the past couple of weeks, me skin has looked and felt smoother with a fresh, dewy glow and much more hydrated (much needed after the New Year champs!).

The formulation is a combination between a gel and a cream and the scent is reminiscent of a combination of cucumber and watermelon - yum. The ingredients include vitamins (C, E and B5) and essential minerals (Magnesium and Calcium).

At around £7 a pop this is definitely a bargain buy and I've found that I'm not using as much as my regular Simple moisturiser. Definitely worth a try if you have normal/dry skin that needs a bit of extra hydration.


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